Conventional, Organic, BioCell distilled by Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc!

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Commercial quantities of conventional and organic hydrosols. Wholesale buyer’s one stop shop for hydrosols from the Bulgarian flora. Capacities to hydro distill waters from few hundred kilograms to hundreds of tons – we will grow, care for and pick the plants, produce the waters from fresh plant material. Industrial buyers, formulating laboratories, and even private label retail hydrosols and hydrosol masks.

Genuine hydro distilled Conventional, Organic and BioCell hydrosols

Conventional hydrosols by Bulgarian OrganiRose Organic hydrosols by Bulgarian OrganiRoseBioCell flower waters by Bulgarian OrganiRose

What hydrosols are available from us?

Some 21 varieties of the three types of hydrosols Organic, BioCell (Freeze-dried). Hydro distilled by Bulgarian OrganiRose Ltd contain maximum valuable biologically active compounds for increased effectiveness of bioactives in skin and hair products. The ultimate cosmetic item for skin and hair! An extremely effective addition to every man and woman’s cosmetic skin and hair arsenal at much less the cost of cosmetics. Anything more natural than this for your skin and hair?

Advanced contracts specials

Prior to the distillation month of the plant. Minimal deposit required per 200 kg drum at preferential price per kilogram. Click on banner for advanced orders page - expand link - check gathering month - add to cart to check offering price.

Are you into aromatics? Have a web site? Start accepting orders with 20% commission. Eessential oils – conventional and organic; flower waters - conventional, organic, and Bio Cell; herbs - conventional. No business required, no merchant account. Build a page on your site - we provide some codes - start making money. No tricks, no gimmicks. How does it work?


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