Biogenic Stimulants, Inc in association with the Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc distillery offering hydrosols wholesale in bulk. Ultimate quality. Packaged in various sizes for bulk applications or retail.

Commercial Orders

Conventional, Organic, BioCell commercial orders

| Drums 200 kg & 1 ton pallets | Bottles of 3 liter

What hydrosols we offer?

Organic and Conventional: Rose, Chamomile, Lavender, Melissa, Salvia, Peppermint and many others. Hydro distilled from fresh plant material during the blooming season of the plants. Strict technical specifications prescribed by the Bulgarian State Standard are basis for standardization.

I. Hydrosols in drums and pallet tanks

Flower waters in pallet tanks and drums

The hydrosols are available for commercial customers for shipping container loads, or pallet loads with consolidated ocean cargo shipping. Packaged in 200 liter drums and in 1000 liter steel caged pallet tanks. Conventional hydrosols are available most of the time. Organic waters are distilled only on advanced orders. Advanced orders prior to the gathering months for the plants.

II. Hydrosols in 3 liter bottles

Flower waters in 3 liter bottles 3 per case

A flexible packaging is in 3 kg bottles. A pallet loads 144 bottles, or 432 kg per order. Most appropriate for professional salons, aromatherapy salons, and small formulations of products as ingredients, to name a few. Can’t even discount the possibility of personal use for the bath tub. Of course, a very good option for retail sales.

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